Residence G.M. | Rome, Italy

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Title: Residential Building G.M.

Year: 2016

Client: C.E.P. SRL

Location: Rome, Italy

Typology: Residential Building

Status: Completed

Publication: "Materiali Progettati 2016"

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The building is articulated into three residential floors in which two-room, three-room apartments and duplex apartments have been built. The building is located in an Est suburban area of Rome near the Metro "A". The idea was to incorporate into a highly urbanized context a modern design that had a strong recognition compared to past constructions in the same neighborhood. For the main facade a classic curtain wall was used, but it is used in a modern way by defining and shaping the facade volumetrically. The whole building is characterized by the will to shape the facade by creating balconies and terraces conceived as new ever-changing private spaces that become a natural extension of the home.

The building employs various energy efficiency measures and renewable energy strategies, including the use of solar power. It was built with the latest technologies in terms of sound and energy saving, obtaining energetic class "A".